Venue Selection

Venue Selection

The venue is the core ingredient of wedding planning. A venue must not be clustered. It should be spacious and accommodating. Location plays a very important role. We provide the most top-notch wedding venues in Delhi at the best price. Venue selection includes:

• Availability – Getting the right venue at the peak wedding season is not easy. We ensure to get you the right venue at the right price.

• Event Capacity – Knowing the exact space of a venue to hold an event is a crucial factor. We are experts at resolving such issues and finding the right space for you.

• Accommodating Capacity – A venue could either be too small or too huge. We help you in choosing the correct venue for the correct ceremony to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

• Pros & Cons – The venue could be either on the main commercial road or in an isolated area. To opt for a venue, one must keep in mind factors like valet parking or traffic while planning the wedding. We help you weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on a place.

• Accessibility – A venue could be in the most isolated lanes or on the main road. In both cases, your guests could lose direction on their way while locating the venue. The roads must be good and the venue must be easy to access. We keep these factors in mind while planning your wedding.

• Nearby activities – Your guests need to indulge in some pampering and play while they stay at the venue. Spa and salon, beauty parlours or good restaurants and bars around always make your guests happy. Keeping a note of these things is always on our list before finalising the venue.