Management Services

Management Services

A communion of two souls is not just between two people but their families and all the people related to them as well. It is a merger between two worlds. Some people want a small and intimate ceremony while some want a big fat wedding. In both cases, there is a team of wedding planners involved to run the show. Our management services team includes:

• Coordinators – We offer a team of coordinators who help us assist at every step. They attend to both the wedding arrangements as well as the guests and make sure that your guests have all the comfort and cater to them if they need anything. From arranging their stay to ensuring their safety, these coordinators are always on their toes.

• Guest Relations Team – The Frontier Events has the best guest relation team in Delhi who make sure that your guests are pampered in the most luxuriant way. Our team resolves their grievances if any. They deal with the Bride’s blues to the Groom’s tantrums. From wardrobe crises to misplaced spouses, our guest relation team ensures that everything is perfect at your wedding cause shaadi se pehlekuch drama to honabantahai!!!

• Guest list and RSVP – From helping you prepare your guest lists and sending the invites to taking the confirmation from your guests; we provide an end to end service at The Frontier Events.

• 24 Hour Help Desk – The Frontier Events has a team of people who are both hummingbirds and nocturnal owls as well. We have people on the night’s watch who are just a call away to be at your assistance any time of the day or night.