What do we need in a wedding to make it a memorable one? Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment! The Frontier Events provides the best entertainment services in Delhi that add the oomph that a wedding needs, to be the 'talk of the town'. The entertainment services include:

• Live Artist, Band and DJ – What’s a wedding without music and dance? The Frontier Events provide you with the best live artists, bands and DJs that will make you sing 'NachangeSaariRaat' and shake a leg on the dance floor and indulge in mirth.

• Choreographers – A Sangeet ceremony is incomplete without a dance performance by your closest relatives and friends. We arrange for the best choreographers in Delhi who will make sure that your guests 'twerkade beat pe booty'.

• Sound and Light – Sound and light play the most important role in every wedding. The music should be pleasant to the ears and not blaring noise. The light should be perfect to capture the pictures and to add life to the event. For that, the Frontier Events keeps the most state of the art sound and light equipment in Delhi.

• Celebrity Appearance – Do you wish to add extra limelight to your special day and go a little bit extra with glamour? We are your happy resort to get you your choice of celebrity for your wedding. The Frontier Events provides celebrity appearance services in Delhi at the right price.