Design and Décor

Design and Décor

We provide immaculate assistance when it comes to designing a wedding with lavish décor. A feast for the eyes with mesmerising aesthetics, The Frontier Events takes pride in offering the best design and décor services in Delhi. We provide:

• Theme based décor – We understand how certain books or characters or movies have been an influential part of your growing up. Some of us have been obsessed with a particular movie or character. We make sure to add a personal touch to your wedding by adding grandeur to it with theme based décor. Whether it is Bollywood theme or Harry Potter or even Game of Thrones, we have every décor item up our sleeve to turn your affair into either elite or rustic as per your choice.

• Conceptual Designs – While some want a carnival theme and some wish for a fairy tale wedding. We share your vision and execute the same to shape your dream into reality.

• Special Effects – From props to special effects like thunder sound or theme-based effects, we offer all the glitz and glamour that is needed to bring your wedding into the limelight.

• Floral Arrangements – What’s décor without flowers? From common to rare, we help you select the most beautiful hues of flowers to add colours to your wedding. From peach roses' wedding to white lilies and orchids’ weddings, we create a different world for you to get married in. Every ceremony has its colour and accordingly we customise décor ideas for each ceremony.