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Frontier Events is an illustrious and an esteemed wedding planning company established in Delhi. We are known to plan the most larger than life affair and give you the wedding you have always dreamt of.

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Who We Are

Frontier, in the literal sense, means “an extreme limit of understanding and achievement in a particular area”. This is the ethos behind the conceptualisation of The Frontier Events. We aim to understand the needs of our clients and ensure to give them the wedding that would not only be the talk of their family clan and friends but also the most cherished day of their life.

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What We Do

A wedding is not just a day’s interlude, it is a saga, the planning of which must start a couple of weeks before the Big Day. We get on task the moment you choose us to be your wedding planners and alleviate all your wedding woes away by rescuing you from bouts of anxiety and the hassle of endless planning. Every ceremony has its own relevance and we corroborate to the extent that traditions meet a sterling presentation.

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Our Vision

The Frontier Events aims to leave its imprint on every individual mapping their brains to only think of our name whenever they intend on choosing their wedding planners. We are one of the leading wedding planners in Delhi for now and aim to be the best wedding planners in Delhi and in the world.

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Wedding Design and Decor

We provide immaculate assistance when it comes to designing a wedding with lavish décor. A feast for the eyes with mesmerising aesthetics, The Frontier Events takes pride in offering the best design and décor services in Delhi.

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The venue is the core ingredient of wedding planning. A venue must not be clustered. It should be spacious and accommodating. Location plays a very important role. We provide the most top-notch wedding venues in Delhi at the best price.

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What do we need in a wedding to make it a memorable one? Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment! The Frontier Events provides the best entertainment services in Delhi that add the oomph that a wedding needs, to be the 'talk of the town'.

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Photography – A good photographer knows the art of capturing the most candid moment and the most precious ones to reminisce over a lifetime. The Frontier Events offers the best in house photographers in Delhi.

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Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Weddings is the new fad for a couple of years. Since we all get married once, we want to make it the most beautiful, extravagant and the most memorable day of our lives.

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Wedding DJ

What’s a wedding without music and dance? The Frontier Events provide you with the best live artists, bands and DJs that will make you sing 'NachangeSaariRaat' and shake a leg on the dance floor and indulge in mirth.

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Conceptual Entries

Bride and groom entry concepts and ideas in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida mark the fact of making their Wedding-Day as special as possible.

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